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Devil's Chimney by Tin Larrick + Free book

Devil's Chimney by Tin Larrick
Self published in May 2012.

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"It is 2001. The seaside town of Eastbourne is being battered by a tidal wave of violence. The collapse of Devil’s Chimney, a chalk tower at the foot of Beachy Head, has awakened old superstitions and opened old wounds that most would rather forget. Constable Chalvington Barnes is an ambitious young cop with his sights set on the top. His latest collar, a serial night creeper terrorising his sleeping victims with a knife, is an arrest that earns Barnes his ticket into CID. With a bit of breathing space, the CID congratulate themselves on a job well done - and their complacency is punished when a young police officer is brutally murdered.

With the prime suspect protected by an apparently concrete alibi, the ensuing investigation thrusts Barnes to the centre of a web of greed, corruption and chaos. When the scum that lurk in the shadows of Devil’s Chimney turn the tables on the police and start taking over the streets, Barnes must fight to protect those he loves. But the answers he wants are closer to home than he realises."

Back in 2013 I had been on the lookout for more Eastbourne-based fiction since I enjoyed reading The Generation Club by Annette Keen earlier in that year. A name that kept cropping up was Tin Larrick and I had several recommendations to read this police thriller. So I took advantage of our then recent Kindle purchase to download the novel and discover what all the fuss was about!

Tin Larrick is a former police officer so I guess he certainly knows what he is talking about when it comes to process and procedures. I liked his descriptions of various areas of Eastbourne and recognising a place as a story unfolds is very helpful in bringing the tale to life. I even learned quite a bit that I didn't already know, appreciating the little snippets of information about the town's history. The plot itself cracks along at a good pace and I never lost interest. I did find some of Barnes' escapades a bit far fetched - why is revenge always so personal in thrillers?! - and the hero appears to be virtually indestructible, but, all in all, this is a good novel and I was impressed enough to also purchase Tin Larrick's second book, Lone Shark.

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