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Love, Life, Loss And Leaving by Andrew Baguley and Janet Rawson

Love, Life, Loss And Leaving by Andrew Baguley and Janet Rawson
Published by Citsea Press in January 2013.

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"Authors Andrew Baguley and Janet Rawson have compiled a selection of their most enticing and diverse contemporary stories to thrill, shock and tickle. Where ordinary people react to extra-ordinary events: ‘A roomful of weeping women and him the wrong side of the door.’ ‘You never told me’, she said, ‘where to find the section for Poison Ivy.’ ‘What if it was a larger lady? Could he manage?’"

As it is made up of independent short stories and poems, Love, Life, Loss and Leaving can be dipped into and I found myself returning to the collection on several occasions over the months after I first purchased it. I like the way the book alternates between authors because the different voices compliment each other well. The subjects of the stories appeal to my dark side and there are certainly a few that should not be read too close to bedtime - especially if you're prone to bad dreams. I think my favourite stories are Far Fathoms and Time To Kill by Janet Rawson and The New Jesus by Andrew Baguley.

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