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Song Of The Vampire by K M McFarland

Song of the Vampire by K. M. McFarland
Self published in April 2013.

How I got this book:
Received a free copy during the All Hallows Reads Facebook party.

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

In 1989, Quinn Forrester was a successful rock star living a dream with a wife, a baby daughter and a hit record. Little did he know that was all about to end the night he met Giselle ... the mysterious vampire who would change his world forever. Eighteen years later, a chance meeting with Nadia, the daughter he abandoned as a baby the night he was turned, shakes his lonely, tormented world. Quinn and Nadia reconnect and bond, but Nadia’s fate is sealed. Saved by Quinn’s blood, they guide each other through the dark world they have become a part of. As they help each other battle their demons, shocking lies, secrets and deceptions are revealed culminating in the discovery of the truth about the night Quinn was turned.

Song Of The Vampire is the first book in McFarland's Vampyr trilogy and is set in New Orleans, a city I loved when we visited there in Spring 2013. McFarland makes pretty good use of this atmospheric setting and I enjoyed remembering sights such as the St Charles Avenue streetcars and the Mardi Gras bead strings adorning the trees.

Song Of The Vampire is very much a first novel and does have issues with pacing. Some inconsequential scenes are overlong whereas other vital story elements zipped by when much more could have been made of them. I liked the overall story and the untangling of the characters' relationships as each new revelation comes to light. Their dialogue isn't always realistic, especially in mundane conversations, and does go overboard on the lovey-dovey chat - but that might just be my preference! Hopefully, the characterisation will deepen in the next two novels as we discover more about our vampires' lives and world.

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  1. Song of the Vampire has been revamped and the latest edition is currently being sold. I hope this new edition offers you a more enjoyable reading experience.