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Your Flight To Happiness by Toni Mackenzie

Your Flight To Happiness by Toni Mackenzie
First published in the UK by Inner Depths in June 2016.

Featured in Cover Characteristics: Aeroplanes

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Your Flight to Happiness is a self-help book with a flying theme, taking the reader on a journey which will enable them to release negative thinking and limiting beliefs, and create emotional freedom and happiness from within. Chapter one tells of how the author found herself at an all time low point in her life, her 'plane crash'. She then guides the reader through the seven steps she used to rebuild her life and learn how to fly again. So many people believe they will be happy at some time in the future - when they get a new job, meet a new partner, go on holiday, buy a new outfit, lose weight... The truth is, happiness does not come from outside experiences or other people, happiness ultimately is an inside job!

I appreciated the down to earth and chatty style Mackenzie employs in Your Flight To Happiness. Understanding how and why she had learned the techniques and philosophies she offers to readers helped me to envisage their potential effectiveness. I have not yet actually tried any of the suggested exercises, but I can see how they would work because they are all clearly explained and I think the mindfulness steps would be useful for me. Through simple ideas like a rubber band memory aid to more involved concepts such as deep meditation, Mackenzie aims to help her readers find inner happiness. This book doesn't claim to get you everything you have ever wanted, but instead to allow you to appreciate what you already have and use that as a grounding for future emotional strength and resilience.

Mackenzie is strongly influenced by Eastern philosophy and I liked her inclusion of relevant quotes by famous historical thinkers. There are also blank pages for readers to note down their own Thoughts. These are, of course, not much use in the ebook, but I imagine would be a good addition to the physical book edition. (Note: if you buy the ebook, get yourself a little notebook to use as you read!) The overarching aeroplane metaphor is good too and made for a nice hook from which each Step could hang. I wasn't completely convinced by later ideas such as conflating the positive or negative energies of electrons with positive or negative emotions. However overall I found Your Flight To Happiness to be a potentially inspirational and useful book.

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