Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Fyre by Katherine Bogle

Fyre by Katherine Bogle
Published by Patchwork Press on the 9th February 2017.

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My rating: 3 of 5 stars

'Join Haven and her siblings on four unique adventures in a time when war ravaged the six kingdoms.
HAVEN has always hated royal gatherings, and jumps at the chance to sneak away for a race through town on horseback. But when the young princess is injured, her ancestry is brought into question.
Much is expected of the heir to the Rythern throne, but when LUCIAN is forced to leave the warfront by his father, his reluctant agreement comes at a price.
The battle for Helms Keep has disastrous consequences for MARCEL. Soon he finds himself fighting both enemy forces and his own memories.
ASTRID is sent to the family summer home in the Cinder Mountains for her own safety. Only she doesn’t expect the knee-high snow and frigid temperatures. With only her guards to protect her, Astrid must dig deeper than she ever thought herself capable of in order to survive.'

Having already read Katherine Bogle's first Chronicles Of Warshard novel, Haven, and looking forward to the second, Savages (due in April!), I enjoyed this brief revisit to Rythern. Fyre predates Haven by varying lengths of time for each of four short stories, each of which focuses on one of the Royal siblings. We had practically no information about the children previously so, while Fyre is a relatively short read, it provides greater depth to the original novel and is a valuable companion.

Each story takes place over a brief time period, all during the period of evil Queen Kadia's attempt to conquer Warshard. We seen Rythern Castle in all its glory, fierce battles, childish pranks going horribly wrong, and exile to a harsh world. Bogle's rich descriptions bring her world vividly to life and I am now even more eager for Savages' publication!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed this second book as well! Sounds like a very elaborated high fantasy world!

    1. It's beautifully imagined - lots of rich detail :-)

  2. Yes, I do want to read this based just on the cover. I'm glad I read your review though, otherwise I would probably have been a little confused!
    Off to find the first one now :)
    Cora x

  3. I am actually really looking forward to reading this collection soon because I also have it for review. I can't wait to get a bit more depth :D

    1. Hope you enjoy the stories! I am eagerly awaiting Savages too :-)