Sunday, 26 March 2017

Apathy Will Kill Us All by Andy Carrington + Giveaway

Apathy Will Kill Us All by Andy Carrington
Self published on the 20th June 2016
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… when all that’s left is mediocrity

and each day just bleeds into the next …

Apathy Will Kill Us All is a sweeping tirade of poetry that illuminates the depressing and ugly side of life experienced by great swathes of British people today. I loved the vivid imagery and immediacy of Carrington's poems. His energy leaps right off the page to slap readers across the face, forcing us to look and really see the neglected and damaged communities across our country. I imagine that hearing this work read out live would be amazing and I found myself speaking several of the poems to myself in order to fully appreciate them. My favourites are £1.50 to draw out my own money because I have been in that exact exasperating situation, Saw A Dead Cat On The Road This Morning for its sharply observed analogy, and the Robots In poems because I have worked those soulless-smile jobs. While I didn't agree with all the assertions, I could certainly understand the overwhelming frustration that drives this work.

Andy Carrington's newest collection, Self Service Check-outs Have No Soul is due for release at the beginning of April. Pre-order your copy here.

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  1. Great review, Stephanie. I never know how to review a poetry book or put my observations on paper but you did it so succinctly.

    1. It helps when I can really identify with the work!

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