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Guest Review: Every Day Is A Holiday by George Mahood

Every Day Is A Holiday by George Mahood
Self published in February 2014.

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Guest review by Barbara Venkataraman
Author Barbara Venkataraman is also a Florida-based attorney and mediator specializing in family law. Her books include humorous essay collections and a children's fantasy story, and I like her Jamie Quinn series of cosy mysteries (my reviews here). Have you entered the Jamie Quinn boxset giveaway yet? You've got until midnight on the 4th March to do so! Enter here!

Barbara's rating: 5 of 5 stars

George Mahood had a nice, easy, comfortable life. He had a job, a house, a wife and kids. But something was missing. He was stuck in a routine of working, changing nappies and cleaning up cat sick. He felt like he was missing out on a lot of what the world had to offer.
He then discovered that it was Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. The day after that was National Curmudgeon Day, and the day after that was Inane Answering Machine Message Day. In fact, the calendar is FULL of these quirky, weird and wonderful events. He realised that somebody somewhere had created these holidays, believing that they were important enough to warrant their own official day. Surely he should therefore be more appreciative of their existence? So he decided to try and celebrate them all. As you do. He hoped that at the end of the challenge he would be transformed into a happier, more intelligent and more content person.
Follow George on his hilarious, life changing adventure as he tries to balance his normal life with a wealth of new experiences, people, facts and ridiculous situations. It’s a rip-roaring, life-affirming, roller-coaster of a ride, where every day is a holiday.

Barbara says:  I loved this book! This is a humorous memoir that has more substance than you'd think from just the title.

I wish George and Rachel lived next door to me. They seem like really fun people. For me, reading "Every Day Is a Holiday" was like having a chat with a good friend who decided to embark on a crazy project for kicks (a project that required bubble wrap, chanting in the rain, and full family participation) and stuck with it to the end. This book will make you laugh and brighten your day and, when you're done, you'll find yourself thinking about a ridiculous project of your own.

Thank you Barbara!

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