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Reejecttion by Daniel Clausen + Free book

Reejecttion by Daniel Clausen

Self published in 2014.

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'Have you ever faced rejection?
How about reejecttion?
This short story / essay collection looks at the challenges of being a writer, the challenges of being a human, and the challenges of being on the other side of a form rejection slip. We regret to inform you that when you read this short story collection you will laugh, you will scream, but mostly you'll wonder how getting reejectted ever felt so good.'

I discovered Daniel Clausen through reading Harry Whitewolf. The two authors collaborated on ReejecttIIon which I will be reviewing soon, but for once I am reading books in order so started with Clausen's solo short story collection. The book begins and is dotted with increasingly surreal form rejection letters which, while being funny in themselves, also allowed me to imagine the increasing desperation of an author trying to get his work seen and accepted. In between these are a selection of short stories, my favourites of which I think are The Opening Line and The Forbidden Story Of Patient 14892, the latter of which reminded me strongly of the dark themes I recently encountered in Daniil Kharms' short stories. Reejecttion is less than fifty pages so gives a good flavour of Clausen's work and an idea of his versatility as an author. I particularly liked his satirical observations and would have liked more as I was just getting into his style as Reejecttion ended.

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