Monday, 20 March 2017

Shadow Reaper by Amos Cassidy

Shadow Reaper by Amos Cassidy

First published in America by Kindle Press in September 2016.

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Only the bravest go over the Horizon...
Twenty years ago the barriers between worlds came down and our reality was swallowed up by the Shadowlands. Now we scavenge to survive, until one day there’s nothing left to reap. Starvation is around the corner, but I’m not the roll over and wait-to-die kinda girl. Nope, I’m going further than anyone has ever been and returned to tell the tale. I’m going into the Beyond, and I’m not coming back without a solution.

I said I wouldn't read another Amos Cassidy series starter after Crimson Midnight, but when I saw this novel, Shadow Reaper, on Kindle Scout I decided to support it because I had enjoyed the previous writing. It was just the ending that left me exasperated. So I will start this review by saying that Shadow Reaper has a satisfying conclusion! There is plenty of potential left untapped for the further two books in the series, but I thought this one stopped at a good point.

The beginning of Shadow Reaper reminded me of Into The Air by A K Downing (reviewed here tomorrow) as both young adult novels commence with human communities forced underground after some global dystopian event and and follow a young woman as she strives to live within such a disaster-struck world. The stories are very different to each other, but I would heartily recommend each book to fans of the other author! In Shadow Reaper Ashling is a woman of some standing. An impetuous, but brave and loyal Reaper, her job is to risk life and limb away from Shelter in order to bring back food and supplies to her subterranean community. However, safe pickings are now scarce and the risks become greater.

Amos Cassidy has done a great job of bringing their fantasy environment to life for the reader. Although I couldn't quite get my head around the physics of how the worlds cleave together, I could easily envisage the detritus-strewn lands beyond the Horizon and I loved the wide variety of creatures we encounter. Ashling is immensely likeable and I could always understand her often rash decisions even though I didn't always think her choice was a good idea! I raced through Shadow Reaper in a day, pretty much unable to put the book down as I was eager to learn what happened next. The pace throughout is exciting and I was enthralled by Amos Cassidy's inventive ideas. I want to devour all of this trilogy!

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  1. She sounds bad ass. I don't know much abut this series but curious about what's beyond Shadowlands. Faes? Demons?

    1. You'll have to read to find out! It's an exciting journey :-)