Friday, 17 March 2017

What The Queen Wills by A J Tipton

What The Queen Wills by A J Tipton

Self published in December 2015.

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'Happily ever after has never been so HOT.
In a magical kingdom far away, there lived cursed princes, warrior women, and mighty magic. What the Queen Wills is a sexy gender swapped Cinderella retelling where the heroes have become heroines, the heroines have become heroes, and nothing is as it seems.
Eliot is sexy, sensitive, and tired of scrubbing floors for his bullying older brothers. While they scheme for more power, Eliot dreams of attending Queen Cassandra's Gathering--an elite soiree for the most sexually skilled--and meeting the woman of his dreams. Perhaps he's already met her. The kind and lovely Amelia works for Eliot's brothers, and is Eliot’s best friend in the world. But when her employers turn violent, she’s forced to flee, leaving Eliot behind. Striking out on her own, she finds a job and a home at the palace under the eye of the gorgeous and powerful Queen Cassandra. As lust...and perhaps something more...begins to kindle between Amelia and the Queen, can Eliot still win her heart? In this tale of seduction, liberation, and intoxicating strangers, even the humblest of peasants has a shot with the Queen if she so wills.

The main thing to say about this story is that it is very adult! I liked the idea of a gender-reversed Cinderella, but other than the characters literally being their gender opposites this aspect is not explored. Instead there's a lot of description of sex and sexual acts which, without the context of believable characters and their emotional responses, I didn't find sexy at all. What The Queen Wills is all about the physical so if that floats your boat you might get more from this story. I just found it disappointingly flat.

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  1. Ohhh I love how you're exploring the dark side, Stephanie. Lol. It's great to see there's not a thing you won't read. :D