Saturday, 1 July 2017

Enough Is Enough by Lindsay Miles + Free book

Enough Is Enough: 18 Ideas for Embracing a Life with Less Waste and Less Stuff by Lindsay Miles
Self-published in Australia in 2016.

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I stumbled across Lindsay Miles' inspirational blog, Treading My Own Path, through a shared Facebook link to her post Can You Live Plastic-Free Without Bulk Stores? This in turn led me to discover Plastic-Free July, a global challenge which encourages people to attempt to get through the whole month without adding to the plastic burden already suffocating our planet.

Enough Is Enough addresses how readers can change our mindsets towards the way that we live and how we can refuse to blindly follow society's consumer culture ethic. It is not a simplistic instruction manual issuing orders, but rather offers areas upon which we can each think about our own lives and situations. Page headings such as Make Conscious Choices, Don't Be Tempted Just Because It's Free, and Never Doubt That You Can Make A Difference are expanded upon with practical suggestions and advice and I certainly recognised myself in several of the scenarios! At just twenty-three pages, Enough Is Enough is a quick read, but one with (hopefully) long-lasting ramifications and that I can see myself keeping (digitally, of course) to refer back to whenever an extra burst of enthusiasm is needed for my own zero-waste lifestyle efforts.

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  1. oh this challenge is so necessary! I have thought about attempting it many times but I haven't follow through! This is perfect to show to my kids! I'm trying to raise them to be their own people and not blind followers.

    1. It's such a well thought out booklet and I found it incredibly useful

  2. Replies
    1. Lindsay is amazing! I regularly spend ages on her blog :-)