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Finding Thomas Dames by Lynne Morley

Finding Thomas Dames by Lynne Morley
Published by Green Wizard Publishing in June 2015.

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Finding Thomas Dames is the moving true life story of Lynne Morley's ancestor, who, as a child, turned to a life of petty crime in order to survive the grim streets of Georgian Nottingham, one of the most poverty stricken cities of that era. A city where life was cheap, disease was rife and the grim figure of death was an ever present companion.
Apprehended by the law on many, many occasions, and labelled an "Incorrigible Rogue", Thomas felt the full force of the law on frequent occasions before an irritated judiciary sentenced him to be transported to the new penal colonies in Western Australia. The incredible story reveals how this happens not once - but twice! Sent south on the convict ship, Lincelles, Thomas endures a three month journey of brutality and privation. This scarcely believable story is unearthed by Lynne and painstakingly recreated here. As the author says, Thomas' life was so tragic, it is stranger than fiction

Meet the author:
Lynne has been seriously researching her family history for 14 years although she has been interested in it since she was a teenager. She loves the thrill of finding out about her ancestors, going to visit where they lived and writing stories about them.

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  1. Enjoying your book! I will need to go back in my tree to see if your Thomas’ tree is linked to any of mine.
    The best,
    Tom Dames