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Season Of The Witch by Arni Thorarinsson

Season Of The Witch by Arni Thorarinsson
First published in Icelandic as Timi nornarinnar in Iceland by Forlagid in 2005. English language translation by Anna Yates published by AmazonCrossing in August 2012.

One of my WorldReads from Iceland

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 All evidence indicates an accident, but when the victim’s mother cries foul play, kindhearted Einar agrees to investigate. Just days later, the lead actor in Loftur vanishes, leaving the locals reeling—and Einar unconvinced that a single village could be so accident prone. Keenly perceptive and hungry for the truth, Einar begins to chip away at the quaint small-town facade, uncovering a tangled web of power and greed that threatens to devour the historic community for good.

Season Of The Witch was a surprising read for me. Its chatty style felt more like a cosy mystery than the Scandi-noir I was expecting from the cover art. The novel is written in the first person from journalist Einar's point of view so we get to understand his character pretty well. Other people aren't so completely portrayed and some, such as the editor back on Reykjavik, felt stereotyped. The central mystery is an interesting idea, but it is intertwined with other personal storylines that I felt were included more for padding than necessity. The dog's disappearance for example leads into deep emotional territory, but this isn't explored more than superficially.

For a light post-Christmas read, Season Of The Witch fulfilled its purpose. It is entertaining and gives an idea of life in small-town Iceland - very different to that of the city! I didn't need to have read the earlier books in the series as the story here stands well alone. I just would personally have preferred less cosiness!

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