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Quatre Moi En Mer by Said + Free Book

Quatre Moi En Mer by Said
Self published in April 2014.

Q for my 2018 Alphabet Soup Challenge, featured in WorldReads: Belgium, and a Book in French

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Loïc Shultz voulait partir loin, abandonner la réalité. 
Mais c'est la réalité qui l'abandonna, le jour où il apprit que sa vie était un film.

Loic Schultz wants to go far away, abandoning reality. But it is reality that abandons him on the day he learns that his life is a film.

This short story is the first in Said's Coffee Series of short stories. At just twelve pages long it could be read during a coffee break by a fluent French speaker. I was proud that my dictionary and I completed the task in under two hours! I loved the dark imagery throughout this story. Scenes are atmospherically described so I could clearly envisage what was happening, then they twist, cleverly becoming something quite different, and different again.

From a practicing French point of view, Quatre Moi En Mer is perfect. There is a strong narrative line to follow and most sentences aren't overly convoluted. There is a mix of verb tenses, direct speech and descriptive prose, plus a sprinkling of colloquialisms to baffle the unwary. I'm already looking forward to reading more Said short stories!

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