Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Heirloom by Camillea + Free Book

Heirloom by Camillea
Self published in 2015.

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Available for free download from Payhip

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Downloaded the ebook from Payhip

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HEIRLOOM is a collection of 10 poems about lambs, mothers, and sleeping gods. Poems on finding the ancient in our skin.

I was woefully underprepared for April being Poetry Month but fortunately Daniela at Nocturnal Devices is on the ball! (To be fair, it's National Poetry Month in the US and here in the UK we just get one National Poetry Day in the autumn, so I'm joining in with the Americans!) In this post here, Daniela highlighted fellow blogger Camillea's chapbook, Heirloom. Happy to accept her recommendation, I downloaded the book straight away.

Heirloom is short yet powerful collection and it took me several slow reads to fully immerse myself into these poems. Camillea uses unexpected imagery to create her works so I couldn't take any easy route through the interpretation. I had to really think about almost every line (which, I admit, I often don't when reading poetry), however, by the end I appreciated having made the effort. Camillea focuses on the experience of women and the poem Biography Of The Mother is superb. I felt this poem was about the idea of an ancient Woman, but also generations of women living similar experiences and the power of this gender line being often unrealised.

Some of my favourite lines, clipped from different poems, include
"For when I speak loneliness fluently
my own name sounds unfamiliar"
"i will never teach
you to hold a gun, but i will teach you to hold your tongue steadier than
your grandfather’s pistol, and sharper than the lashings on your daddy’s back"
"was your love ever just breadcrumbs,
and your body only a dandelion path home?"
Camillea has a great turn of phrase! I accept that I didn't completely understand every poem, but loved the feeling of these words washing over me as I read and catching different glimpses of meaning with each reading. If you're looking for a strong poetry collection to read this Poetry Month, give Heirloom a try.

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  1. Oh thank you for mentioning me and for accepting my recommendation Steph! I'm planing to do another one for the UK :) so I'll join and support you in whatever you want to do for the UK poetry month! I hope to start reading Heirloom tonight! Glad to hear you liked it!

  2. It has been a spell since I've let myself enjoy poetry. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. This sounds really nice and I have not read poetry in forever!

  4. This does sound like an interesting collection, and I love those lines you shared!

  5. OMG thank you so much for featuring Heirloom ���� I'm really happy that you enjoyed it. This post is like an alarm that I need to get back to writing poetry!!

    Cam @ Camillea Reads

    1. Oh, I so hope you do. I would love to read more :-)