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Let It Bleed by Nicole I Nesca

Let It Bleed by Nicole I Nesca
Published by Screaming Skull Press in Canada in December 2017.

How I got this book:
Received a review copy from the author

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Where to buy this book:
Directly from Screaming Skull Press

The Book Depository : unavailable
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Amazon : from $12 / £9.50 (PB)
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This isn’t just a book of prose and poetry but a beautiful streetwise and lyrical telling of a life in pursuit of truth, sex, love, youth-lost and experience. With an alternating rhythm of long free-flowing sentences and short, minimalist statements, Let It Bleed is an original urban street-hymn that hearkens to writers of yesterday like Sylvia Plath and also the more modern rock and roll writings of Patti Smith, but always and forever original and unique.

Let It Bleed is an unusual collection of prose writing and poetry that is quite different to anything else I have recently read. An intensely personal work, I thought, the collection begins with the story Haemorrhaged which describes a woman's experience when a hysterectomy operation develops complications. This is an amazing opener. Shocking and vivid, it powerfully sets the tone for what is to follow and I found that I did enjoy most of the prose pieces. They got me thinking about the life I could witness through Nesca's writing and I liked the repeated imagery. Unfortunately I didn't feel such a good sense of understanding for the poems. I liked their sharp rhythms but wasn't always exactly sure what was being presented to me. Overall though Let It Bleed is a good read. It wasn't completely one for me, but I sure other readers could identify more strongly with Nesca's themes.

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