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A Blessing In Disguise by C H Clepitt

A Blessing In Disguise: Life Begins at Forty-Eight, Book 1 by C H Clepitt
First published by Claire Evans in 2013. Audiobook edition narrated by Margaret Ashley published in December 2017.

How I got this book:
Won in the author's Facebook giveaway

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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When Linda is made redundant, she plans to travel and do all the things she never had a chance to do when she was working. Her plans are scuppered, however, when her mother is rushed into hospital. Moving back home opens up a new life for Linda that she could never have imagined for herself.

This is a short story by the author of A Reason to Stay, C. H. Clepitt, and in the short time you spend with these characters, you'll feel like you really know them. A Blessing in Disguise is romantic, witty, and heart-warming and will leave you wanting more.

A Blessing In Disguise is a lovely short story of a high-powered career woman, Linda, who when she unexpectedly loses her job finds herself moving back home with her mother who is sick. Rather than being disheartened by so much bad news, Linda instead throws herself into her new situation. Discovering that her mother has a whole life of which Linda was previously unaware is the trigger for her to make the most of what might be a great opportunity - and there's a hint of romance on the horizon too.

This is only a short story so it keeps up a fast pace throughout and there were times I felt we could have spent longer before moving on. However I loved the humour and Margaret Ashley does a wonderful job of voicing all the characters. A really heart-warming tale showing the potential positives of seizing every opportunity.

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