Monday, 20 August 2018

Revolutions: Parabola by Mateusz Skutnik

Revolutions: Parabola by Mateusz Skutnik
First published in Polish as Rewolucje: Parabola by Egmont Polska in Poland in March 2004. English language translation by Christopher J Caes published by Europe Comics in May 2018.

One of my August Authorfest reads

How I got this book:
Received a review copy from the publisher via NetGalley

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

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Technological revolutions are a time of incredible inventions, brilliant minds, and fantastic discoveries. As well as bad inventions, failed experiments, and bizarre ideas. "Revolutions" brings to life a series of alternate histories, and offers inventions so fantastic they could never be brought into existence in our world. Instead, these inventions disappear into oblivion, or transform into something completely other than what their makers intended. A truly "revolutionary" series of graphic novels.

I didn't get what was going on in Revolutions: Parabola at all! I think it's a series of vaguely linked vignettes that start with a man in a tower. By the end of the graphic novel I did understand why he was there, but trying to work out the in-between events just gave me a headache. Perhaps it made more sense in the original Polish? The artwork is very odd too! After several good graphic novels, I think this is my first Miss. Too revolutionary for me!

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  1. Ugh I hate when author's don't remember that the first rule of a good story is to make it understandable. Hope your next read is better.

    Tori @ In Tori Lex

  2. I'm sorry this was a miss for you. I hope your next one is better.

  3. Aw, sorry to hear you didn't really understand this one. It might be the translation that made it confusing, true. I do love graphic novels, but this is a pass!


    1. I'm kinda new to the genre so am still learning what works for me