Monday, 23 May 2016

Welcome to Literary Flits!

I'm sure you agree that what the world doesn't need is another book blog(!), but this isn't so much a new start as a moving over. My lifestyle blog, Stephanie Jane, is becoming overwhelmed with book reviews so I have decided to give them a room of their own, hence Literary Flits. It's so named because the number of books I read means I seem to be pretty much flitting from one to another!

I plan to blog a review a day so each book will now get its own post rather than being squished into trios. You can expect to discover literary and world fiction, biographies and histories, brand new releases and vintage books, indie authors and smaller publishing houses, and any other books that catch my eye.
(If you would like me to consider your book for review, please check the About page.)

There may also be Giveaways!

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Literary Flits will officially launch at noon UK time on the first of June. I'm already prepping shiny posts for your delectation and enjoyment. But, in the meantime, (and if you haven't just clicked through from there!) why not pop over to Stephanie Jane and discover my epic caravan adventure and all the beautiful places we visited over the past couple of years!