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King Arthur Goes To Wembley by Jake Nelson

King Arthur Goes To Wembley by Jake Nelson
Self-published in June 2012

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In King Arthur Goes To Wembley, two schoolboys, Thomas and Marc, stumble across the enchanted resting place of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table while searching for their lost football. Due to a misunderstanding, the awoken King Arthur believes that the ‘Honour of England’ is at stake in a forthcoming international football match. He commands the children to teach ‘the beautiful game’ to the men from Camelot so they can play for England against the world champions!

The story was inspired by the lionisation of present-day Premiership footballers. Jake believes that, if the ancient legends were true, the Knights would have been treated in the same way and there are distinct parallels between the two cultures. He says. “The idea that the finest knights in all the world might just be the finest natural athletes too is only one step away from imagining that, maybe, they could also be great footballers.

Although King Arthur Goes To Wembley is ostensibly a children's book, I enjoyed reading it. The intricacies of the football scenes were lost on me, but the story keeps up a great pace and I particularly liked the characterisation of Merlin and ideas such as the light bulbs' treatment! I also think that, if the right narrator was found, this story would make an excellent audio book.

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