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Be My Knife by David Grossman

Be My Knife by David Grossman
First published in Hebrew in Israel in 1998 as She-tihyi li ha-sakin. English translation by Vered Almog and Maya Gurantz published in 2001 by Farrar Strauss and Giroux.

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Swapped for on the book exchange shelves at Beanzz Coffee in Eastbourne

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

'An awkward, neurotic seller of rare books writes a desperate letter to a beautiful stranger whom he sees at a class reunion. This simple, lonely attempt at seduction begins a love affair of words between Yair and Miriam, two married, middle-aged adults, dissatisfied with their lives, yearning for the connection that has always eluded them - and, eventually, reawakened to feelings that they thought had passed them by. Their correspondence unfolds into an exchange of their most naked confessions: of desire, childhood tragedies, joys, and humiliations.'

This book is infuriating! Essentially a one-sided book of letters from a thirty-something man to a woman he spies at a reunion, the concept is unusual. Some of the prose is stunning, really profound streams of consciousness. However, these brief passages are hidden in the depths of so much arrogant, egotistical whining that it became a real slog to finish the book. I've seen effusive five star reviews for Be My Knife so obviously others have got into the writing in a way that I was unable to do. Still, having finally got to the decidedly bizarre ending, I was relieved to stop reading!

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