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In The Heart Of Cairo by Mahi Wasfy + Giveaway

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In The Heart Of Cairo by Mahi Wasfy
Self published via Now Novel on the 29th May 2016.

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'When anti-bias educator, Mrs. Magda, becomes the new Theory of Knowledge teacher at the American School in Cairo, she is shocked to discover the ugly truth behind the school’s prestigious reputation. Despite the challenges and hostility she faces, Mrs. Magda is committed to achieving her career goal of transforming the environment at the school and making it truly bicultural. Although the school’s administration hired her to achieve just that, they realize her aspirations might be a bit too ambitious for their liking. Meanwhile Maha, a senior at the school, just wants to have a drama-free and fun senior year – but gets exactly the opposite. She finds herself caught up in a divine storm where everything in her life goes wrong. Shattered dreams, melodramas, fallouts and love triangles are just a few of the issues she has to battle. Maha doesn’t know if she can handle the pressure and risks losing herself in her efforts not to be the class misfit.'

In The Heart Of Cairo provides an interesting look at cultural struggles within present-day Egypt. Wasfy uses the microcosm of an International School to present opposing viewpoints and I was surprised that a people in a country with such an incredible history should suffer from such division of identity. Wasfy herself is obviously very much against the creeping Westernisation and Americanisation of Egypt and uses this novel to put across ideas for true biculturalism. Unfortunately this often takes a soapbox approach with characters frequently launching into deep and meaningful political speeches in what seemed to me to be inappropriate circumstances.

It takes several chapters for the novel to settle into its style and I was disappointed that most characters speak with Wasfy's voice so I never got a strong sense of anyone as a genuine individual. Speech often comes across as unnecessarily formal and unnatural. However I liked reading glimpses into both affluent and poor Egyptian life, especially the way in which people at both extremes of class treat each other with similar mistrust and disdain. Mrs Magda and Maha's storylines combine well and we are treated to a satisfying conclusion to our tale.

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