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Slave by Mende Nazer

Slave by Mende Nazer
Published in 2004. Audible Studios audiobook narrated by Adjoa Andoh published in 2008.

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'Mende Nazer tells the story of her kidnap, at age 12, from an idyllic life with her family in a village in Sudan, and being sold into slavery. Trafficked to Europe and the London home of a diplomat, Nazer escaped - only to find she had to fight for asylum.'

What makes Nazer's story particularly shocking for me is its time period. Slave is not a historical work. It recounts slavery happening within my lifetime and, partly, in my country. Having liked to believe that slavery was very much a thing of the past and that humanity has significantly progressed in recent centuries, this book is a real wake-up call from complacency.

Mende Nazer was twelve in 1993 when she was torn from her family in the middle of the night by Arab raiders who kidnapped many children to sell them. She talks movingly of her idyllic childhood, marred by the horror of FGM admittedly, and contrasts her early happiness against the cruelty, psychological abuse and regular beatings she endured over seven years as the property of a wealthy household in Khartoum. Nazer speaks calmly and stoically about her incarceration and abuse and I admire her for publicly telling her story, especially as it led to vindictive repercussions against her remaining family in Sudan and has forced her to remain in exile from them. This book is certainly not an easy listen and the helplessness I felt while listening to Nazer spurred me to find out more about modern day slavery and to begin to protest its practice.

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