Friday, 1 July 2016

The Cup That Made You Stagger by Katherine Hayton

The Cup That Made You Stagger by Katherine Hayton
Self-published in March 2016.
I am reviewing this book today to coincide with my IndiePrideDay Top Ten indie books post on Stephanie Jane

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Not for sale. Download link included at the end of The Three Deaths Of Magdalene Lynton

How I got this book:
Free download from author

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

'There was more than one person involved in Magdalene’s death but there’s only been one who paid with his life. So far. Marge Maples thinks everything will finally be easier: there’s money from the farm sale, she’s no longer on her feet ten hours a day, and her husband Kelvin’s about to retire. Life is finally coming good. Pity karma’s such a bitch.'

The Cup That Made You Stagger is a fifteen page short story which complements Katherine Hayton's crime novel The Three Deaths Of Magdalene Lynton. My having read that book first did give the short story greater depth although I think it could also be read as a stand-alone tale. We revisit events at The Prophet's farm through the eyes of one of the minor characters of the original novel, Marge, and gain greater understanding of her motivations and suffering. However, Marge isn't the only person who has been thinking about those past times and I enjoyed the build-up of unease and menace throughout the story as we readers begin to realise the danger Marge is in, even though she seems oblivious to it herself.

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  1. I've just heard that Katherine Hayton' Christchurch Crime trilogy - Found Near Water, Skeletal and Breathe And Release is now available as an ebook boxset for only £4.99 via Amazon:

    I'm not sure if this is an introductory offer or the permanent price!

  2. Katherine Hayton has now put her second Ngaire Blakes novel on to KindleScout. Nominate it here!

  3. Katherine Hayton's novel Skeletal is currently free on Amazon for Halloween! Ebook link: