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Book Blogger Survey by Barb Drozdowich

Book Blogger Survey by Barb Drozdowich
Self published on August 9th 2016

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Received a copy from the author as thanks for participating in the survey

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'Interested in learning more about the world of blogging and book promotions? As the saying goes – get the information right from the horse’s mouth! Thirty-eight questions were asked of bloggers in the largest survey of bloggers carried out in recent memory. The answers are shared and analyzed in this book. Barb Drozdowich, author of numerous books focused at helping authors and bloggers, repeats her 2012 survey which led to the creation of her first book – The Author’s Guide to Working with Book Bloggers. Find out what has changed, what hasn’t. Get some tips on the best way to get those coveted reviews from bloggers. Pick up a copy of this informative book today and start planning your strategy based on the findings shared.'

I was surprised to receive a copy of Barb Drozdowich's new book, the Book Blogger Survey, because I had completely forgotten about taking part in the survey several months ago! She asked a range of insightful questions which over 500 of us book bloggers responded to and I found the gathered information to be fascinating. Admittedly I am a closet statistician! Drozdowich primarily analyses responses by bloggers' gender and nationality, by the genre of books they blog about, and by the length of time they have been blogging. Many results were counter intuitive so I think this analysis would be incredibly helpful not only for agents and marketers wanting to tap into blogger networks, but also for existing and potential book bloggers wondering 'is this just me?' Certainly I was relieved and reassured to see my experiences reflected by other book bloggers and I enjoyed reading through the extensive free-form answers to open questions, all of which are reproduced in appendices after the analysis. I found the Book Blogger Survey very interesting and would recommend it as being well worth its 99p price tag.

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