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Eventide by Kent Haruf

Eventide by Kent Haruf
Published in 2004. Second of a trilogy after Plainsong and before Benediction.

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I've been saving Eventide, the second book in Kent Haruf's trilogy, because the first, Plainsong, was just so brilliant that I didn't want the series to be over too soon! In Eventide, we return to the same town of Holt, Colorado, and a few of the same people - Victoria is still with the McPheron brothers - and we meet other residents including special needs couple Luther and Betty who, mentally, are barely more than children themselves yet have children of their own too. There are amazing moments in Eventide. The McPheron's loss nearly brought tears to my eyes and I was also moved by Luther and Betty, especially their reactions to Betty's uncle. I don't want to say more and give away plotlines!

Haruf's portrayal of small town America is very different from what we are usually shown on TV shows and in mainstream fiction. His sensitive depictions are especially hard-hitting because of his matter of fact prose style. There is no sensationalism or blatant plot devices, no artificial cliff hangers, simply very human people living through the trials of everyday life. Like Anne Tyler's Dinner At The Homesick Restaurant, which I read just before Eventide, the strength of this work is in its sharp observations and complete understanding of human nature. Haruf's society is kind, honest, generous, hopeful, violent, selfish and weary. This was easily a five star read and I was sorry to finish it as I could have spent much longer in this company. Fortunately I still have Benediction on our Kindle to look forward to.

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