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Keeping Hope Alive by Dr Hawa Abdi

Keeping Hope Alive: How One Somali Woman Changed 90,000 Lives by Dr Hawa Abdi
Published by Virago in April 2013. Hachette audiobook edition published at the same time.

How I got this book:
Purchased the audiobook download from Audible

My rating: 5 stars

'For the last twenty years, Dr Hawa Abdi and her daughters have run a refugee camp on their family farm not far from Mogadishu which has grown to shelter 90,000 displaced Somalis: men, women, and children in urgent need of medical attention. As Islamist militia groups have been battling for control of the country creating one of the most dire human rights crises in the world, Dr. Abdi's camp is a beacon of hope for the Somalis, most of whom have no proper access to health care. She was recently held hostage by a militant groups who threatened her life and told her that because she's a woman she has no right to run the camp. She refused to leave. This is not just the story of a woman doctor in a war torn Islamic country risking her life daily to minister to thousands of desperate people, it's also an inspiring story of a divorced woman and her two daughters, bound together on a mission to rehabilitate a country.'

Dr Abdi's book, written with Sarah Robbins and read by Robin Miles, is the life story of a Somalian woman of amazing determination, strength of mind and self-belief. Dr Hawa Abdi managed to go to Ukraine to train as her country's first female doctor. Choosing to return to her beloved Somalia as soon as she qualified, she stood against traditional misogyny to found a clinic for women which became a hospital and, as civil war swept through Somalia, a home for up to 90,000 displaced people. Her story is an almost unbelievable struggle to keep her hospital, her refugee camp and her own family safe through decades of civil war in Somalia.

I loved this book! If you think you are having a bad day, the Abdi family's trials are a sharp reality check and this woman truly deserves the moniker of inspirational.

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