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The Brain Within Its Groove by L N Nino

The Brain Within Its Groove by L.N. Nino
Self published in America in February 2014.

One of my Favourite Five Horror Stories for Halloween 2015

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"The Brain, within its Groove, Runs evenly - and true - But let a Splinter swerve (...)" This line by Emily Dickinson gives the title to this horrid tale about madness, lust, and the dangers of exploring our darkest memories. An old, agonizing Psychiatrist learns that his only hope of recovering his sanity lies in a patient from his past who suffered from an unusual kind of amnesia. The sinister remembrances he will uncover from this dark past will send him into a nightmarish downward spiral of insanity and fear.

I nearly didn't return to Story Cartel after a disappointing first experience, but I was glad I gave them a second chance when I discovered The Brain Within Its Groove. This literary novella is titled for an Emily Dickinson poem, a connection that initially passed me by as, then, I'd not read any of her work. (I've since rectified that!) Nino's writing is beautifully elegant and 'old-fashioned', but in a good way, the prose flowing like that of a classic Victorian author. His imagery is vivid with each word appearing to have been considered and deliberated over. I was surprised to read writing of this calibre for free! Whether the psychiatric science is valid or imagined I cannot say, but certainly the mood and atmosphere ring true and I particularly appreciated the restraint of the writing as we grew closer to its horrific conclusion. Scenes are generally far more frightening when the reader's imagination is primed then let loose, and Nino has gauged this perfectly for maximum effect. Perhaps I would have liked characters other than the narrator to have been more fully developed, but I understand that within the short space of a novella this would have upset the pace of the tale.

I will definitely be looking out for more work by L.N. Nino and would recommend this book for fans of subtle creeping horror.

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