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Odd Adventures With Your Other Father by Norman Prentiss

Odd Adventures with your Other Father by Norman Prentiss
Published by Amazon through the KindleScout program on the 31st May 2016.

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Because one of her fathers died when she was very young, much of Celia's family knowledge comes from stories her surviving father narrates—road-trip adventures from the mid-80s that explore homophobia in a supernatural context. As she considers these adventures (a rescue mission aided by ghostly hallucinations; a secluded town of strangely shaped inhabitants; a movie star with a monstrous secret), Celia uncovers startling new truths about her family's past.

Celia used to have two fathers, Jack and Shawn, but Jack died when she was only four. Now she is deemed old enough to understand, Shawn has been reliving memories of a fantastic road trip he and Jack took together straight from college so Celia can understand more about her other father. A closeted gay couple in the 1980s, Jack and Shawn felt obliged to keep their relationship secret and this resulted in not only a strong loving bond between the two, but also a deeper, darker psychic connection. Odd Adventures With Your Other Father has two main story threads: Celia's present day summer at camp and Shawn's telling of tales from the road trip.

I was hooked by the unusual premise of this story from the start and, although it is horror with descriptions of bizarre images and occurrences, I didn't find it too gory. Having said that, I could have done without being reminded of That Scene in Un Chien Andalou! The relationship between the younger Jack and Shawn is completely believable and this book is as much a romance as a horror novel. I enjoyed reading about their escapades and was also moved by their partnership and emotional bond. Celia and her friend Nora bring a lighter aspect to the story and their interactions, especially their dialogue, is sharply observed and fells genuine - often difficult to achieve with teenage characters.

I wouldn't be surprised if Odd Adventures With Your Other Father goes on to become a cult read as its blend of genres and subject matter is innovative and thought-provoking and should definitely appeal to a much wider audience than purely horror fans. The supernatural situations mirror and highlight real life homophobia and the psychological damage it causes, but in such a way that Odd Adventures never feels like it's hammering home a message. It's simply a wonderfully entertaining read.

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