Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Crimson Midnight by Amos Cassidy + Free book

Crimson Midnight by Amos Cassidy
Self published in May 2014

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I received a copy of Crimson Midnight when it was offered as a promotional giveaway at the All Hallows Reads Facebook party for Halloween.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

They say London is the city that never sleeps. Man, you have no idea…
A new job, a new life and a new home, Rose has left the pain of the past behind. But if she thinks she’s going to have it easy she’s in for a shock. There’s Roman for starters, a complication with a capital C. With the racing pulses and the x-rated thoughts, she can barely keep it together. And then he decides to drop a bombshell. It’s the domino effect alright, because hot on the heels of his revelation come a few unpleasant ones of her own. Rose discovers that there is a darker side to London, an ancient secret, a world that she belongs to and one that could get her killed.
Question is, can she keep it together long enough to kick danger’s arse?

Crimson Midnight is a joint venture between two writers, but I wouldn't have been able to tell if I didn't know as the flow of writing is seamless. I enjoyed the pace of the novel with a good balance being struck between detailed description and action. There are a lot of characters to keep up with, but I liked that time was spent making each one an individual. That effort certainly pays off as the storylines come together, especially for a fantasy novice like me who isn't used to telling her werewolves from her vampires! Our heroine, Rose, is great fun and just the feisty, sassy woman I think I would like to have been at that age. Perhaps Flo's accent does grate from being a little overdone, but the London setting overall is nicely integrated.

So why only three stars? The ending! Regular readers will already know how much I loathe sudden stops in lieu of proper endings so I won't launch into another rant here, but Crimson Midnight has one of the most abrupt and ill-timed that I've yet read. It's a shame because up until that point I was very much enjoying the story and the writing. I am undecided yet whether to risk any more of the Crimson series in case they all end like that. I probably will read other Amos Cassidy books though, if I can find standalones.

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  1. It's great when a collaboration equals in a harmonious and seamless story telling. I'm worried about the number of characters, though. I'm easily confused. Lol.

    1. Time is spent defining each character well so I didn't find it too hard to remember who was who!

  2. I always wonder how more than one writer could write a book! Too bad about the ending

    1. I think the writers must have to be completely in tune with each other's thoughts. Must be so difficult to crwate seamless writing

  3. It sounds like a very well written book, especially if it flows seamlessly between the two writers. But it is such a shame that the ending is so badly done. I don't mind an abrupt ending too much... but if it is poorly timed as well :/