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The Saloon War At Seven Rivers by Kendall Hanson

The Saloon War at Seven Rivers by Kendall Hanson
Published in America by Dixon-Price Publishing in September 2015.

How I got this book:
Received via newsletter promotion

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Caught between a desire to help his boss and a desire to stay alive, Fat Jack Craft must ask for Farr Gunn's help when war breaks out between the two largest saloons in Seven Rivers.

Having enjoyed The Bordello Kid, the first book in Kendall Hanson's Farr And Fat Jack western series, I was happy to download this second book, Saloon War At Seven Rivers, when I saw it advertised in the author's e-mail newsletter. Farr is still working for Fat Jack's mother providing security for her boarding house and Fat Jack performs much the same function in a saloon up the road. French Kate, who had been badly injured in the previous novel, is making a good recovery, but trouble ensues when her former boss tries to 'encourage' her to return to work.

Saloon War concentrates more on the action than it does the characterisations so I didn't feel the same depth to this story as I did its forerunner. I was disappointed by this because it was what I particularly liked about the first book. We learn a little more about Farr's unconventional upbringing, but newly starring characters such as the Olsen family and the gunman Graver never become fully rounded creations. I liked the overall story arc and, again, we have a satisfying ending, but Saloon War felt too short and I think more space could have been given to scene-setting and description. The will-they-won't-they between Farr and Kate is nicely done, but I found it difficult to fully understand the actions of other characters as I didn't know enough about their motivations.

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