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Guest Review: Awash In Talent by Jessica Knauss

Awash In Talent by Jessica Knauss
First published in America by Kindle Press in June 2016.

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Guest review by Norman Prentiss
Horror author Norman Prentiss first came to my attention when I got a copy of his wonderfully dark and surreal novel Odd Adventures With Your Other Father (my review here) via KindleScout. I've got a copy of his brand new novel, Life In A Haunted House to read and review soon.

Norman's rating: 5 of 5 stars

So much Talent can kill you. 
Welcome to Providence, Rhode Island, home of telekinetics, firestarters, and psychics! 
Emily can't escape her annoyingly Talented telekinetic healer sister without committing a crime. Kelly must escape her pyrokinesis school and bring Emily's sister to Boston - her mother's life depends on it. Appointments with Emily might drive her psychic therapist insane. 
With so much Talent, sometimes it's all you can do to function in an un-Talented society.

Norman says: I decided to discover a new author and the book I chose is Awash In Talent by Jessica Knauss, which shares some of the fantasy elements I explore in my own Odd Adventures With Your Other Father.

Jessica’s book is a smart and original fantasy about people with special powers (telekinesis, healing, firestarting, mind-reading). I especially admired the novel’s unique structure, presented as a series of three interlocking novellas. One of the joys of the book was finding connections between the different parts, as the narrator of a new section crosses paths with the previous speaker–the technique keeps readers on their toes as they work to recognize the subtle threads. It’s all done very cleverly, and the final novella ties things together nicely.

Thank you Norman!

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