Saturday, 13 May 2017

Self Service Check-outs Have No Soul by Andy Carrington

Self Service Check-outs Have No Soul by Andy Carrington
Self-published in May 2017.

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Human anxiety / disillusionment in the machine age

There's a real sense of melancholy about Andy Carrington's newest poetry collection, Self Service Check-outs Have No Soul. The visceral anger of his earlier work is muted by nostalgia and resignation as he perhaps comes to terms with his predictions and warnings being ignored. Society instead craves ever smarter gadgets and machines seemingly oblivious that with such inventions we are slowly making ourselves redundant. I particularly liked the poems Unexpected Item In The Bagging Area for its humour, The Digital Age Killed Everything for its incisive snapshot vision, and Real Postmen because the getting of real post still, for me, is more satisfying than receiving its email equivalent.

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