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Guest Review: Indie Poet by Harry Whitewolf

Indie Poet - Thirty Poems From My Thirties: 2006 - 2016 by Harry Whitewolf
Self published on the 1st of May 2017.

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Guest review by Andy Carrington
A DIY punk-poet from Bradford, Andy Carrington composes poetry with tremendous anger and energy. Evocative insights into 21st century British life.

Andy's rating: 4 of 5 stars

“In this short book of previously unpublished verse, indie poet Harry Whitewolf spits out his words with the ferocity of a rampant llama on speed. Poems knocking the establishment and rants mocking modern society are wedged between personal tales of boozing, smoking, loneliness and sex. Delivered with passion, anger, humour, beat and bite, this new collection is a quick sizzle trip through Harry’s dirty thirties.
Go on, give an indie poet a go.

Andy says: If more Poets were like Harry Whitewolf, I probably wouldn’t be so bitter about the whole “arty” scene.

But they’re not, so fuck it.

If you haven’t gathered from the reviews before, I’m a fan of this guy.

Is this a biased review? Probably. But I feel like we’re in the same boat:

Conflicted / honest:

“I like being anti-Capitalist / I like the things I own” (‘Dual Duel’)


“I got up / Lit up last night’s joint / and made tea” (‘Reading and Rolling’)

DIY / self- defeatist:

“I'm just a poet who is Indie”

Mostly, just mad:

“Everywhere a fucking golden arse” (‘Old McDonald had a Restaurant’).

Whether Whitewolf is spitting about life (as we know it), smoking, ex-girls, the Internet or Christmas, he nails it down.

This compilation is just as playful with language as Whitewolf’s latter works; and his heart is all in it. Technically speaking, this is no RHYME & REBELLION / TWO BEAT NEWBIE, but I admire its attitude / rawness.

In particular, the final poem in IP, ‘Look at What We Built’, sums up the daily struggle against hierarchy / mindless zombies superbly:

“We gave our history away / to impossible tomorrows / And we gave away our strength / to be just those that follow.”


Thank you Andy!

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  1. "Indie Poet: Thirty Poems From My Thirties 2006-2016”-- readers learn a bit more about the daring outspoken Englishman poet known as Harry Whitewolf. Is this his real name? He is, after all, our online friend. I picture Harry residing somewhere near the English coastline, where he can retreat occasionally from the congestion and overcrowded urban environment of an unnamed city. During the writing of this particular volume, his poetry suggests he may have been homeless.

    We learn more about Whitewolf simply by reading his poetry, he describes himself (in this book) as being “anti-capitalist” resisting consumerism, all forms of propaganda -- “propaganda politics, propaganda Hollywood” on TV, radio, newspapers. He urges his readers to turn away and open their minds to the truth that we are never entirely free from cultural influence.

    Whitewolf’s poetry defines a sense of rough and gritty urban masculinity, as he smokes heavily, drinks excessively in “Sussex Sex” and gets thrown out of his lover’s flat (the term “lover” is loosely implied) the couple appear as hopeless drunks, binging on one another for sexual gratification. “The House of Nowhere” continues a story of an aimless drifter, and “the man you hate” is full of self-loathing in the longest poem in the collection “Jack The Lad”. The differences between English and American culture and expression are also noted in this brief engaging collection of urban poetry. Great book cover! 3* GOOD.
    **With special thanks to the author for the DDC for the purpose of review

    1. Brilliant! Thank you for sharing your review :-)

  2. Harry Whitewolf is offering All his books for free on Amazon from the 27th June to the 1st July 2018. Do all rush at once!