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Hopeless Love by Kerdel Ellick + Free book

Hopeless Love by Kerdel Ellick
Self published on the 1st of July 2017.

Where to buy this book:
No longer available.

How I got this book:
Downloaded from Smashwords

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It's a series of heart breaking poems written by a man who desires to be loved by a woman he has known for many years. But he can't be loved in return because of what he has done.

Hopeless Love was the first of two poetry books I chose to download as part of the 2017 Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale. This sitewide extravaganza is on throughout July and you can read more about in my Stephanie Jane blog post.

Kerdel Ellick's poetry appealed to me because he is a St Lucian author and I haven't read anything from that country before. Hopeless Love is a collection of seven poems themed around unrequited love and it is redolent with teenage angst and anger. At times Ellick's unnamed poet narrator (himself?) is frightening in his obsession, especially his indignation that the woman at the focus of his desire somehow owes him her attention.

The poetry itself uses a more prose-based than rhythmic and rhyming approach and there is some fairly grotesque imagery at times! I was frequently thrown by Ellick's strange use of plurals, initially wondering if this was a style decision and, if so, why. As a young adult poetry collection, I think Hopeless Love will have a wide thematic appeal.

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