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Torquay In Old Photographs by Ted Gosling

Torquay In Old Photographs by Ted Gosling
Published in the UK by Sutton Publishing Limited in 1996.

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The photographs in this fascinating book are taken from the collections held at Torquay Museum. They portray a period both familiar and remote, and clearly illustrate the changes that have overtaken Torquay in the last 130 years. With the help of these images we can recall once-familiar faces, and revisit the social and civic occasions that were such an important part of the life of the town, the Queen of the Riviera, as it was then known.
In these pages Ted Gosling takes a nostalgic look at Torquay as it once was, and it is hoped that this book will give pleasure to local people and visitors alike.

Ted Gosling compiled a number of photograph collection books detailing the histories of various Devon towns. This Torquay volume is of particular interest to me as I moved to the town about a year ago. The photographs are a mixed bag of periods - some from as long ago as the 1890s and the most recent from the 1960s. They are presented by theme - The Early Days, Just People, Sporting Events, and so on - so there isn't a sense of Torquay's historical narrative, more a panorama of snapshots in which some of the town's features are still clearly recognisable while others have completely vanished.

Particularly interesting to me in light of the new hotel monstrosity that has just been approved to dominate Torquay harbour was a pair of images looking across to Meadfoot before and after the huge block of flats was built there. Apparently a 'triumph' of 1960s architecture 'over barriers of natural land formation', I much prefer the earlier Kilmorie house over the current glaring white box on the hill!

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