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31 Day Plastic-Free Living Challenge by Lindsay Miles

31 Day Plastic-Free Living Challenge by Lindsay Miles
Self-published in Australia in 2017.

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A mini guide with a mini price tag, the 31 Day Plastic-Free Living Challenge is designed to kickstart your plastic-free living journey!
The 31 Day Plastic-Free Living Challenge has 31 illustrated tips, challenges and insights for living with less plastic. Tackle one challenge per day, or go at your own pace.

Having already read Lindsay Miles' free eguide Enough Is Enough, I was aware of the overall ideas included in Miles' 31 Day Plastic-Free Living Challenge. The latter is a great little book for more specific inspiration although I think if I had tried to make each of the changes on successive days I would have been tearing my hair out - probably after just a fortnight! Instead I have it saved for reference, picking out a few ideas at a time to incorporate into my lifestyle and allowing those new habits to bed in before I add a few more.

I first read 31 Day Plastic-Free Living Challenge during the mania of Plastic Free July and liked that it contains easily understandable snippets of essential information and motivation to help readers towards their own plastic free lifestyles. If you missed the boat on last month's Plastic Free July Challenge or prefer to make your lifestyle changes without that type of pressure, this guide is the one for you! Re-reading it again a few weeks later fired up my enthusiasm again. I happily ticked off tips I have already started to follow and found myself eager to launch myself into other ideas! The book is written and illustrated in a light engaging style and I think I will continue to return to it for inspiration for several months to come.

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  1. When it comes to any day to day challenges for changing lifestyles, I usually do the same and gradually work my way through it over weeks instead of say, a month. It's great that you will be making some of the changes though!

    1. For me it mostly seems to be a reason for more home cooking which I love anyway ;-)

  2. Great suggestions! With many lifestyle changes it is well documented that a concerted effort over say 31 days - can be really effective at breaking old habits and beginning to lay the foundations of new habits. It is true plastic use is a really old habit of convenience that many of us are clinging to.
    Love your review and your good vibes!
    Thank you
    Stainless Steel Straws Australia

    1. That's so true Bren!
      Thanks for stopping by :-)