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Mind Verses by Deena Mehjabeen

Mind Verses by Deena Mehjabeen
Self published in June 2017.

91 pages towards Olivia's fun August Reading Challenge to read an average of 50 pages each day throughout the month. Total = 955.

How I got this book:
Downloaded the ebook from Smashwords

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mind Verses is a collection of poetry and prose that is born from the author's experiences, musings and in moments of joy, insecurity, grief and the feelings that are sometimes hard to voice. The four parts in the collection - Life, Love, Loss and Lessons are written with the hope to resonate with you, the reader.

I downloaded Mind Verses when I spotted it included in the Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale. That sale has now finished of course, but you can still get your free copy via either Smashwords or Kobo - links above.

Deena Mehjabeen writes intense personal poetry exploring her life, family and romantic relationships, yet manages to make her poems universal. Despite Bangladesh being five thousand miles from Britain, its culture very different, I could easily identify with Mehjabeen's grief and longing, anger and love. In several of her poems such as Evil and Who Gave You The Right? she speaks for women everywhere. In Missing You she portrays searing grief on the death of her grandfather. Paradox and Silence could have been written about me!

I frequently felt quite privileged to be allowed such emotional closeness through this poetry to a woman I will probably never meet. Not all the poems spoke to me as strongly and there is perhaps too much theme repetition at times, but I am certainly glad to have discovered Mehjabeen's writing in this strong collection.

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