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The Book Of Abisan by C H Clepitt

The Book of Abisan by C.H. Clepitt
Self published in May 2013.

How I got this book:
Downloaded the ebook from Amazon

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Do you believe in destiny?
When two worlds collide a new hope is born.

Yfrey is lost, alone in a world where her kind is persecuted. She has one hope, to find The Roghnaithe, one who is destined to help save her world from destruction by a tyrannical ruler. The Book of Abisan crosses multiple realities to follow the lives of two very different women, as they come together to battle armies, as well as their own personal demons.

Step into an exciting world of adventure, magic and alternate realities in this fast paced, action packed fantasy.

I discovered The Book Of Abisan back in 2015 after having been pointed towards it on Twitter. A feminist fantasy novel of witches, magic and multiple realities, it wasn't my preferred genre, but I enjoyed the read. C H Clepitt has a new novel, Everything Is Better With A Cape, launching at the beginning of September and I am looking forward to reading and reviewing it soon.

The Book Of Abisan is a volume of prophecy, carried and studied by a witch, Yfrey, who is trying to rid her world of an oppressive dictator, Calim. Calim is a charismatic man, but one without any magic of his own and he is determined to rid that same world of all its magical beings, leaving himself all powerful. Clepitt's book is a fast action-packed ride - a complete contrast to my previous read! There is some attempt at rounding out the two main characters, Yfrey and a human woman named Jacques, but otherwise everyone is pretty two-dimensional with the novel's emphasis put on doing rather than being. I thought several scenes were too rushed and would have liked a lot more in the way of description to help me understand what was going on and why, especially once the reality hopping starts. I wanted to know more about the different realities! If that was done I would say that there could be enough plot here for two exciting novels. However, overall this is an easy escapist read and I liked the drawings at the start of each Part.

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