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The Summer Of Secrets by Martina Reilly

The Summer Of Secrets by Martina Reilly
First published in the UK by Little, Brown Book Group in May 2008.

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Swapped for on the book exchange shelf at Camping Navarrete, La Rioja, Spain

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hope Gleeson wants to go travelling, to escape her boring London life and plan a happier future. But the unthinkable happens - the plane taking her to sunnier climes experiences technical problems and crash lands. Hope is one of only seventeen people to survive, saved from death by the man sitting next to her. Hope wakes up in hospital with her best friends Adam and Julie at her side. They are taking her home to Ireland, they tell her, to recuperate. But home is the last place Hope wants to go - she has too many secrets to hide...

I was pleasantly surprised by The Summer Of Secrets having expected a lightweight chick-lit novel and ended up with something much deeper and, in places, darker. Whoever chose the cover art really isn't doing the book justice! The three friends, Hope, Julie and Adam, are well-written and nicely flawed (from a reader's point of view!). Hope's bickering with new neighbour Logan did become a little tiresome after a while making him seem flat by comparison. I liked the story's pace which kept me interested throughout and, although the ending is predictable, it is also satisfying.

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  1. I see what you mean about the book cover, now that I've read the book description. My first thoughts when I saw it were about a scene in the Dirty Dancing film.

    1. It's a shame when publishers try and make books appeal to a certain audience by way of the cover, especially when those readers aren't going to be the most appreciative of the style and subject of the book