Tuesday, 21 November 2017

A Nocturnal Expedition Round My Room by Xavier De Maistre

A Nocturnal Expedition Round My Room by Xavier de Maistre
First published in French as Expédition Nocturne Autour de ma Chambre in 1825. English language translation by Edmund Goldsmid published in Scotland in 1886.

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The sequel to de Maistre's A Journey Round My Room is another parody set in the tradition of the grand travel narrative, but this time is set over a period of only four hours. De Maistre is again in Turin, this time in an attic room with a view of the sky. Having read the first book, I was better prepared for his style of musing and meditation. You might wonder why I bothered, having only given the first book two stars? Well, I bought the two in one volume and hate discarding books unread!

A Nocturnal Expedition is, for me, a more entertaining read. De Maistre is frequently humorous at his own expense and I thought this book far less self conscious and pompous than A Journey. He discusses gazing up into starry nights, the best methods to gain poetic inspiration, and how to ride a windowsill as though it were a horse. All quite mad, but fun to read and I appreciated the brevity of this book which prevented de Maistre going on at too great a length on any particular topic. Sadly though, several chapters require the reader to have ploughed through A Journey in order to understand A Nocturnal Expedition.

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  1. I love self-deprecating humour from characters! Though i have not heard of these books before. Might be a good reason to check out my library.

    1. I'd certainly recommende the night journey over the daytime one!