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The More Known World by Tiffany Tsao + Giveaway

The More Known World by Tiffany Tsao
Published in America by AmazonCrossing today, December 19th 2017.

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The Quest of the quirky Oddfits continues—and this time, beyond the Known World lies something unspeakable…

Two years after Murgatroyd Floyd joined the Quest to understand and catalogue the wonders of the More Known World, the rash-prone, blue-eyed Oddfit starts having doubts about his exploratory skill. And while that’s enough to give his mentor, Ann Hsu, pause, it’s not what’s bringing the Quest to a grinding halt. Blame that on a series of murders that sends Ann and Murgatroyd to a strange new Territory to investigate.

Cambodia-Abscond, awash in shades of red, can drive outsiders crazy. With its vermilion foliage, crimson trees, and garnet soil, it screams carnage. Fitting, considering that its settlers are a shady bunch with catastrophic histories who live in a society where no questions are asked, and the official language is silence.

Fitting, too, that Cambodia-Abscond is where Ann’s recollections of her own nightmarish past seem to come crawling back out of the bloodwood. Apparently, there’s more to the More Known World than Ann and Murgatroyd expected. And if their Quest has a dark side, the two Oddfits have found it.

The More Known World is set a couple of years after the first book of this series, The Oddfits, and continues the story. I would definitely recommend reading The Oddfits first otherwise I don't think you'll have a clue what is going on in The More Known World! Tsao is again on great form in imagining the wonders of multiple worlds, each with their own idiosyncratic climates and colours and, in one, with animals that have all evolved from mosquitoes!

Murgatroyd Floyd only plays a supporting role this time around which is a shame as his unique character and situation was one of the aspects of The Oddfits I loved the most. However, instead, Tsao now concentrates more on Murgatroyd's mentor, Ann Hsu. Through memories, Tsao contrasts the absolutely competent leader Ann with her childhood self, An An, a young girl of Vietnamese origin whose mother is obsessed with finding success on the American child beauty pageant circuit. An An's experiences in this rarified world are frequently as bizarre as Murgatroyd's had been in Singapore.

I hope this series continues as I thoroughly enjoyed Tsao's explorations of people dislocated from their immediate society. Personally I feel I can identify to a degree with oddfittingness and I loved the idea of the community where inane small talk is considered the height of bad manners!

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