Wednesday, 21 February 2018

A Dip In My Ocean by A G Stranger

A Dip In My Ocean by A G Stranger
Self published in July 2017.

A for my 2018 Alphabet Soup Challenge.

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Received a review copy from the author via the Authors Needing Reviews Goodreads group

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ahmed Ghrib ( Pen name: A.G. Stranger) is a Tunisian engineering student, writer and amateur guitarist. He is the author of " He wrote Lily ". This a collection of his poems that englobe different themes ranging from love, heartbreak to life and healing. Different colorful backgrounds on which the poems were written have been carefully chosen; The powerful sceneries will help you not just "dip" in the writer's "ocean" but rather immerse yourself in the depth his words and their meaning.

A short read at just forty-four pages, A Dip In My Ocean is nonetheless a lovely little book that poetically charts the course of a relationship from deep love to the pain of separation, despair to acceptance and the overcoming of grief. The poems are grouped thematically so the reader can either dip into the appropriate theme as wanted or do as I did and read the whole book effectively as an epic poem telling a story.

As well as Ghrib's words, I liked that this is also an illustrated volume with photographed scenes behind the poetry on every page. These show hand hearts or ocean vistas and feature colour palettes appropriate to the mood of the poetry. It's a lovely idea that I think works well and raises A Dip In My Ocean from poetry to an art-poetry book that might well make a good gift for a friend in need of emotional support at the end of a relationship.

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  1. I'm trying to go back to reading more poetry. besides being something I always enjoyed very much they are usually short reads that give you a nice break from reading full-length books. Even though short, they are usually emotionally satisfying reads! Glad you enjoyed this one! I'll keep it in mind

    1. I'm doing well for poetry collections at the moment!

  2. Hey there Daniela, I would be more than pleased to hear your thoughts about my words.
    Contact me on GoodReads if you are interested.

  3. This means a lot, my dear Steph.
    Sending you all my love from Tunisia.
    Have a good day.

  4. Oh that's neat that it's grouped so you can choose or experience the whole story. And the art aspect sounds lovely! I imagine art and poetry would go perfectly together!

  5. Sounds like a great book. So pleased you were able to read this, via ANR Goodreads group. Happy it's working out. ;) If you like poetry I'd be very happy to send you more, when I get review requests for them, if you're interested. GR message me! ;) Happy reading!!!