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A Matter Of Temperance by Ichabod Temperance + Giveaway

A Matter Of Temperance by Ichabod Temperance
(The Adventures of Ichabod Temperance, Book 1) 
Published in America by Golden Bear Creative Works in April 2013.

I read A Matter Of Temperance back in 2014. I am transferring my review over here now to coincide with Ichabod's Spotlight and Giveaway of The Two Faces Of Temperance, the tenth book in this series, which I featured on Literary Flits a couple of weeks ago. Scroll down for a second chance to enter the Giveaway!

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“Hello, is anyone there?”
“This is Ichabod Temperance, transmitting from the year 1875.”
“Do you read me?”
“Oh my Goodness! We've got trouble, y'all!”
“Ever since that strange comet passed our world, not only have there been more than just an overwhelming amount of steam and spring inventions popping up all over Earth, but there also have been uncanny monster sightings as well! Well, almost sightings, as these inter-dimensional, over-legged, eyeball-clustered beasties are nearly invisible to the human eye! That is where my own enhanced inventiveness has gotten me into misadventure as I alone have created a device that allows me to see the hippo-sized craw-daddies.”
“Maybe Fate had a hand in my goggle development, for it led to my meeting the most beautiful girl in the world. Now it's up to me and Miss Plumtartt to save our planet from being gobbled up gone!”

Ichabod Temperance undertakes a fantastical adventure when he first rescues one Persephone Plumtartt from clutches of an invisible otherworldly monster. Our hero has a knack for this kind of chivalry as he continues to repeat the feat, firstly across a slightly-geographically-redesigned Europe, and then across the rest of the world. We read his story from two viewpoints, both his and also Miss Plumtartt's. Their characters are not strongly defined so as the chapters rush past, I didn't always know which one was narrating. It doesn't really matter as this book is all about action. Villains are cartoonish and allies are named but not created as defined people. On reflection, this is a little disappointing as I would have invested more in the quest had more words been expended on character rather than fighting. I liked the initial inventions which are perfectly steampunk, however as the book goes along, more and more items are invented but not described so imagining what the author means is tricky. Also the perils are often surprisingly easily despatched and occasionally seem thrown in for no apparent reason - why were the sirens included? Why the pearl?

For me, A Matter of Temperance felt a little unfinished, but it's a good debut. It is a fun fast-paced romp and I went on to enjoy reading more of this series.

And now it's time for the Giveaway!

Open internationally until the 4th March, the prize is one signed paperback copy of The Two Faces Of Temperance by Ichabod Temperance which will be sent directly to the winner by the author himself.
Good luck!

Signed book - The Two Faces of Temperance by Ichabod Temperance

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  1. Thank you for reading and sharing, Stephanie Jane!
    Happy Reading!

  2. wow sounds so interesting and that cover! too bad they focused on the fighting and didn't develop the story more!

    1. Great cover - and the theme continues through the series.
      They're fun light stories!

    2. Hi Daniela.
      Yeah, this is my first book and I was still trying to find my footing as a writer. I like to think that the following books are written a little better; less fighting and more singing. ;-)
      Thank you for stopping by and reading the review, Ma'am!
      Happy Reading!
      ~Icky. :-)

  3. Hmm... I have seen reviews of this one before but I don't think it will be for me. I love steampunk, but it seems like it loosens from that as it goes on. And even though I do appreciate a brilliant plot, I really need some closeness or definition of characters around.

    1. I went on to read more of the series so gained character depth that way. They're fun books to break up my intense reads!

    2. Hi Olivia-Savannah.
      I am thrilled that you have seen my books before in reviews.
      Golly, I try to write supernatural/steampunk adventures, but they keep coming out humorous. :-/
      I have a steampunk reading suggestion for you: Jack Tyler's 'Beyond the Rails' might be more in line with your reading tastes.
      ~Icky. :-)

    3. Hi Stephanie Jane.
      Thank you for reading this first book, and thank you for going on to read more.
      I like to break up my heavier reads by reading a light, fun book, like a Terry Pratchett novel. I am happy to fill that niche for you!
      Happy Reading!
      Your pal,
      ~Icky. :-)