Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Just Simple Little Cruelties by Osman Welela + Free Book

Just Simple Little Cruelties by Osman Welela
Self published on Smashwords in 2016.

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One of my 2018 IndieAthon Reads

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Downloaded the ebook from Smashwords

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

You'll find in this book a fictional story about one of the most famous classic philosophers in Ethiopian history (Zera Yacob), others that deal with climate change as well as a few lines of poetry. 

I discovered Just Simple Little Cruelties when it was reviewed on Lu's Reviews last month. I liked what Lu thought - and that Welela is an Ethiopian author (WorldReads!) - so snapped myself up a copy.

This is only a short book that consists of five poems interspersed with four short stories. It is however very well written. I particularly liked the short stories which are mostly science fiction except one which felt historical but, on reflection, could be timeless. Of the poetry, Words spoke to me the strongest with its thoughts of how many different places we can travel to simply by reading books! This book is a prime example!

For a quick yet entertaining read, I highly recommend Just Simple Little Cruelties. There is an excerpt from a longer Welela work also included which I didn't read as I don't like to only get a bit of a story and am already happy to read more of Welela's writing.

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