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Tipping Point by Terry Tyler

Tipping Point by Terry Tyler
Self published in 2016.

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'I didn't know danger was floating behind us on the breeze as we walked along the beach, seeping in through the windows of our picture postcard life.'

The year is 2024. A new social networking site bursts onto the scene. Private Life promises total privacy, with freebies and financial incentives for all. Across the world, a record number of users sign up.

A deadly virus is discovered in a little known African province, and it's spreading—fast. The UK announces a countrywide vaccination programme. Members of underground group Unicorn believe the disease to be man-made, and that the people are being fed lies driven by a vast conspiracy.

Vicky Keating's boyfriend, Dex, is working for Unicorn over two hundred miles away when the first UK outbreak is detected in her home town of Shipden, on the Norfolk coast. The town is placed under military controlled quarantine and, despite official assurances that there is no need for panic, within days the virus is unstoppable. 

In London, Travis begins to question the nature of the top secret data analysis project he is working on, while in Newcastle there are scores to be settled...

I so enjoyed Terry Tyler's short story collection Patient Zero in March that I was keen to get on with her Project Renova dystopian series that it accompanies. Tipping Point is the first of what is currently a trilogy (although I understand the series extending to a quartet is a strong possibility!). Two storylines are cleverly intertwined to produce a thrilling science fiction prospect and one which is scarily close to our present day reality. Straight after reading Tipping Point I tweeted:
And Tyler really did get me so caught up in the Project Renova world! I liked seeing from Vicky's point of view how Britain was swept by the virus, especially how poorly prepared most of us are for even a weekend without popping to the shops - let alone a potential forever. Different viewpoints add depth to the story by giving us added background and helped me to understand how so many people could be duped into effectively sleepwalking into disaster. The North Norfolk coast makes for a great setting and the contrast between such an ordinary seaside town and what happens there adds beautifully to the tension. I recognised aspects of Sheringham in Tyler's fictional Shipden so it felt as though Tipping Point was actually taking place in a town I know well. A thrilling read and I am now looking forward to the sequel, Lindisfarne!

If you liked The Smallest Thing by Lisa Manterfield give Tipping Point a try (and vice versa!).

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  1. This sounds really good Stephanie and is something I would enjoy.

    1. I hope you can give it a try - I highly recommend it!

  2. I am glad you could like another book by the author so much! It sounds like it was a great opening to the series and more excitement is to come with book two.

    1. Exactly! I've got the next on my wishlist right now :-)

  3. Terry's a lot of fun online - glad to hear you enjoyed her book! XD

    1. Her humour comes through in her writing :-)