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Individutopia by Joss Sheldon

Individutopia by Joss Sheldon
Self published on the 23rd August 2018.

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Beloved friend,

The year is 2084, and that famous Margaret Thatcher quote has become a reality: There really is no such thing as society. No one speaks to anyone else. No one looks at anyone else. People don’t collaborate, they only compete.

I hate to admit it, but this has had tragic consequences. Unable to satisfy their social urges, the population has fallen into a pit of depression and anxiety. Suicide has become the norm.

It all sounds rather morbid, does it not? But please don’t despair, there is hope, and it comes in the form of our hero: Renee Ann Blanca. Wishing to fill the society-shaped hole in her life, our Renee does the unthinkable: She goes in search of human company! It’s a radical act and an enormous challenge. But that, I suppose, is why her tale’s worth recounting. It’s as gripping as it is touching, and I think you’re going to love it…

Your trusty narrator,

October is the month for reading scary novels so I am happy to be starting it by blogging my review of Joss Sheldon's new novel, Individutopia. Set in 2084, a nod to George Orwell's 1984 of course, Sheldon takes Margaret Thatcher's famous statement 'there is no such thing as society' and runs that idea to a horrifically dark conclusion. We see future London through the Plense-covered eyes of our medicated heroine, Renee, and discover just how much of her wonderful life isn't perhaps as wonderful as she had believed.

I did find Individutopia to be more heavy-handed in style than I remember from Sheldon's previous novels and I felt some of his points and ideas were hammered home far more frequently than was needed. However this is still an intriguing and interesting novel. I liked Renee and could empathise with her desire to be the best person she could be. Her struggle to then integrate into a completely alien worldview is nicely portrayed. I don't have a particularly good knowledge of Central London so the details of Renee's running between job opportunities was lost on me, but the idea of pointless employment felt very real! Even though I prefer minimal living spaces myself, I couldn't imagine trying to survive in Renee's pod - where would I pile all my books?!

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  1. wow your scary books series is so good! you always find the best books. I think most futuristic dystopians are heavy-handed in style :)

    I LOVE THE BOOK OF THE MONTH on your side bar. I'm patiently awaiting for book one of that series. I'm like number 60 maybe on the waiting list ?? *sobs* And to think I HAD it in my iphone and I let the audio book expired. I will never forgive myself! :)

    1. You let Shadow Of The Wind expire?? Oh that was a mistake!! I guess you already know that though? ((hugs))