Friday, 7 December 2018

Tangled Vines by Megan Mayfair

Tangled Vines by Megan Mayfair
Published by Crooked Cat Books on the 3rd December 2018.

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Amelia O'Sullivan is a photographer who has always viewed herself through the wrong lens. When her marriage publicly crashes around her, she flees to the safety of her aunt's country property to pick up the pieces. Can she adjust her focus to what she really wants from her life?

Born into a wealthy and powerful family, Frederick Doyle may seem like a man who has it all, but behind the scenes, a bitter business feud threatens an irrevocable family split. As he fights for control of the winery he'd built from the ground up, he finds a supportive ally in Amelia and becomes increasingly beguiled by her creative spirit.

Jill McMahon is a successful novelist suffering from writer's block over her latest manuscript. Finding her niece, Amelia, at her door, reminds her of the bonds of family, but in seeing Amelia and Frederick's relationship grow, a long-forgotten and painful secret threatens to re-surface.

Can Amelia, Frederick and Jill untangle themselves from their pasts or will history simply repeat itself?

Meet the author

Megan’s stories are about families, intrigue and love. Every book contains a bit of humour and a lot of heart.

Megan lives in Melbourne with her husband and three children, and has a background in public relations and higher education.

She drinks far too much coffee and has an addiction to buying scarves. She interviews with other authors for her blog series, Espresso Tales, and loves a bit of #bookstagram.

Her debut novel, The Things We Leave Unsaid, was released by Crooked Cat Books in 2018. Tangled Vines is her second novel.

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  1. oh wow these characters sound so layered and the story complex!

    1. Art and wine sounds like a good combination :-)

  2. I'm intrigued about the niece going to her aunt and how the story unfolds from there.

    1. I like that there's not too much given away in the synopsis

  3. It sounds like this one has a lot going on! I wonder if it's told from alternating POVs? It sounds like it based on the blurb -- love those! Thanks for sharing this one!

    Lindsi @ Do You Dog-ear?