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By Any Means by James Morris + #Giveaway + #Excerpt

By Any Means by James Morris
Published in America in November 2018.

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How Far Would You Go To Save Your Son?

Lucas Turner is an ordinary teenager with an extraordinary genetic mutation: the cure for cancer rests in his body. When his father discovers that the only way to harvest the cure will result in the death of his son, he kidnaps him from the hospital, setting off a calamity of events from which there is no turning back. Meanwhile, the doctor, intent on a cure at any cost, hires a female bounty hunter to bring the boy back by any means. She's never failed before and doesn't intend to fail now. While on the run, the estranged father and son build a relationship on the road that brings them closer to the mistakes of the past and the consequences of the future.

By Any Means is a literary thriller, and at its core is about a relationship between a father and son against all odds. The remedy, after all, may be less about science and more the human heart.


It was dawn when they entered the city after climbing circuitous mountain roads, and Keith was thankful in the dark not to have seen the drop-offs near the road’s edge. He wondered how many people succumbed to the small voice in their heads that enticed them to jump. The elevation was higher here, and he felt it in his lungs. That’s what smoking would do to you. 
He had to stop at five different gas stations before he found someone who’d let him use a phone. Cell phones, it seemed, had killed the payphone. Keith dialed 411 and got Grace’s home address, and then directions from a helpful customer. The last thing he asked, “What day is it?” earned him a strange look before he got his answer: Saturday.
Grace lived in a bungalow surrounded by pine trees and a small yard. Not the best neighborhood, but not the worst, either. An economy car was parked in her driveway. He looked for any signs of a family; he didn’t remember if she lived alone and was relieved when he scanned her car to see there wasn’t one of those decals of a happy stick figure family on the back window. 
As they waited, Lucas asked, “Who’s this Grace woman?”
“A girl I used to date in high school.”
“Is she a freak?”
“No.” Keith paused, insulted. “I don’t date freaks.”
Lucas didn’t argue, only giving him a “whatever” look.
“Why do you think I date freaks?”
“Really, Dad?”
“Yeah, really.”
“Let’s see.” Lucas squinted his eyes, remembering, counting the women on his fingers. “Laurie was a stripper, Ginger should’ve been. Kathy was an alcoholic, Heidi was a ‘masseuse.’”
“She was a masseuse. A real one.”
Lucas continued, “Kimberly gave off a vibe like she wanted to kill me and Susan kinda wanted to touch me.”
“Did she?”
“No, but I could tell she would have. And those were just the ones I remember or the ones I actually met. God knows how you filtered out the rest from even coming home.”
“Okay,” Keith admitted, “some of them were not up to par, but not as a rule.”
“That’s one way of putting it. So what’s Grace’s defect?”
“Defect?” Keith shook his head and considered. “I guess I was.”
“When’s the last time you talked to her?”
“Almost ten years.”
Lucas’s eyes went wide. “Ten years?”
“Ten years for adults isn’t the same as kids.”
But it was still too long. He motioned for Lucas to follow him as he got out of the car and they approached the door. 
“Will she even remember you?”
Of that, Keith had no doubt. His hand hovered over the doorbell.
“What are you waiting for?”
“I don’t know.”
And he pressed the button.

Meet the Author 

James Morris is a former television writer who now works in digital media. When not writing, you can find him scoping out the latest sushi spot, watching 'House Hunters Renovation', or trying new recipes in the kitchen. He lives with his wife and dog in Los Angeles.

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  2. It is my first time in your blog. What are these giveaways? Are you giving away?

    1. This giveaway is for a $25 Amazon gift card :-)

  3. What an interesting premise! I will have to keep an eye out for this one. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh man, that is a tough situation for a parent and the child.

    1. I can't begin to imagine how I would react in such a situation

  5. Love the idea of the father/son relationship being explored under such tense pressure! I can’t imagine how one would handle it. Thanks Stephanie! ❤️❤️

    1. I'm intrigued by the father/son dynamic too. I know it'a cliche that men find emotional communication more difficult, but I wonder if that might be a factor here

  6. I feel like this one could even actually happen, especially with how cancer is really affecting a lot of people and families. I think at some point we all might get desperate like this and go to extreme lengths!

    1. Absolutely! I don't think the reality for this synopsis is too far away