Friday, 4 January 2019

Incident At Diamond Springs by Kendall Hanson + #FreeBook

Incident At Diamond Springs by Kendall Hanson
Published in America by Dixon-Price Publishing in June 2015.

I for my 2019 Alphabet Soup Challenge and my first 2019 Mount TBR Challenge read.

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My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When his stagecoach is caught between an outlaw militia and renegade braves, a veteran driver must figure out how to save his passengers and the lone survivor of a massacred way station.

I bought this short story in 2017. A Western, it accompanies Kendall Hanson's Fat Jack and Farr Gunn series and, at the time of purchase, I had enjoyed reading two of those novels. Then I got distracted by other books and Incident At Diamond Springs has languished on my Kindle until now! It predates the main series by several years and briefly tells how one of the main characters, Farr Gunn, came to be alone in the West. I think I benefited from already knowing future events and relationships because this story is a quick action tale. There's a galloping stagecoach and marauding Cheyenne Indians, but not a lot in the way of literary descriptions or character development! That said, I could easily envisage roles such as the matriarchal Mrs Rutledge and the novice shotgun rider Willy. As an accompaniment, this story is a fun read, but if you haven't read Hanson before it's probably best to start at the series' beginning with The Bordello Kid.

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  1. I love that most of the action and setting is a stagecoach. Neat that you got an early story from a favorite series and about a recurring character. This reminds me that I have some westerns on the Kindle that need my attention.

    1. I rarely choose Westerns, but this series is entertaining and I liked this offshoot

  2. I can see how a lack of description would make this difficult on its own, but I'm glad you were able to enjoy it as part of the series! I like books set in the Old West.

    1. I don't think it would work so well as a standalone, but makes a nice short read adding depth to the central series

  3. It sounds like it was a nice enough read. I do like my Old West reads as well, and it seems fun but maybe not mind blowing.

    1. The series that this one comes from is pretty good, I think!
      This is the first book: